Corporate and Commercial Transaction Support

Most small businesses are faced with challenging transactional decisions at some point that can also provide tremendous opportunities for growth.

However, they are certainly not without risk. Key transactions such as raising capital, management buy outs, selling or buying a business are increasingly complex – and you need to be confident where the value lies and what the potential risks are.

Today’s demanding and increasingly complex business environment requires business owners to be relentlessly focused on the day-to-day running of the business, rather than the minute detail of commercial transactions.

I guide companies on the legal and financial aspects of major transactions, moving the deal along as quickly as possible and aligning business strategy to its transaction plans.

Using my corporate finance expertise, I am able to mitigate risk and cost, provide due diligence through the main negotiations of the transaction, and leverage the opportunity to its full potential.

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What kind of Transactional Support do you need?

Buying and selling a business or assets…

Whether you are growing by acquisition or looking to sell your business, these important milestones require legal support by someone who not only understands your business, but can steer you through the complexities of the transaction whilst you continue to focus on the day-to-day running of your business.

For buyers, I will ensure you have considered the legal risks, help protect your investment with legal due diligence, and assist in forming a viable exit strategy.

For sellers, I will assess the value of your company, help to compile and showcase documents such as copies of leases, contracts, financial records, customer records, payroll and detailed lists of assets. I also conduct a thorough investigation of the buyer, including their creditworthiness, reputation and management abilities.

My advice is discreet and professional during what is often a stressful time.  What’s more, my insight has identified transformative opportunities that have allowed my clients to achieve their full growth potential.

To find out more about my transaction support services, please call me on: 07791 792020 or email