For a business looking to grow, franchising or licensing can offer a route to successful expansion and organic growth.

I provide a comprehensive service on new franchise agreements, renewals, restructuring, termination and dispute resolution, including;

  • • Advising on corporate structures

  • • Competition claims

  • • Brand protection

  • • Breach of confidentiality and intellectual property

  • • Injunctions in relation to confidentiality and intellectual property

  • • Franchise re-sales

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Franchising or licensing ca offer a route to successful expansion and organic growth, however, it can also be complex and fraught with difficulties.

It is important to have a uniform franchise agreement in place to control quality and standards, and maintain consistency of service provision across the franchise network.

These agreements underpin the successful operation of any franchise business.

Drawing on over 20 years experience of franchising law, I help growing businesses through their franchising journey.

I draft, review and negotiate effective agreements, ensuring that documentation is compliant with EU regulations and that it is binding on any future franchisees.

I also regularly advise franchisors on disputes with their franchisees and work closely with them on the legal and practical issues around franchisee termination.

If you are considering franchising your business, I’m here to help you take the right steps in this new direction, please contact me on 07791 792020 or email